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Mary Kay's greatest legacy is Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree ministry.It started in Birmingham when she placed Christmas trees in two shopping malls.Mary Kay grew up angry and determined to prove herself.She completed high school at 15 and nursing school at 18.Their brood of ducklings consisted of more jailbirds and social misfits and castaways.

As he walked out he suddenly turned and looked at me, and we both began to laugh.In 1986 I accepted the call of a Houston church to be its pastor, and soon after invited Mary Kay and Don to join my staff. Mary Kay helped establish the Encourager Center for Biblical Healing at our church, and she and Don launched Encourager Ministries, through which they continued to impact people who had been sexually abused, drug and alcohol-addicted, guilty of crimes, and suffering mental and emotional scarring. She was compelled to help others find that new heart and spirit. I think of Mary Kay, despite her suffering from chronic flu and even bouts with pneumonia, working long, hard hours to help us convert an old drafty, moldy building on the edge of downtown Houston into a ministry center.And speaking of Don, I recall a Monday morning when the pastor who usually carried the church collection to the bank was unavailable.It had hit us simultaneously that I, who had served in the scandalous Nixon White House, was giving the church's money for safekeeping to a convicted embezzler.Our laughter turned soon into tears as we were both impacted by the grace of Jesus Christ.

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