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Dam-ryung notes Lord Yang smiling at him from the crowd, and declares that no funeral will be held until they investigate and find out whether this man was really cursed or murdered.At the same time, gisaeng Hong-ran storms into the mayor’s compound with a shaman in tow, who supposedly saw that the mermaid was here.She’s about to be fileted when mayor Dam-ryung swoops in like an action hero, wielding his sword and backlit by a halo of sunlight.The henchmen try to get through him to Se-hwa, but he blocks them with swift, high-flying moves.Lord Yang says he still hasn’t received their promise to deal exclusively with him, and the merchant flips the table in front of Lord Yang, and spits that he already blocks their shipping routes and steals their livelihood, but they won’t work that hard just to fill his belly. But the very next morning, fishermen arrive at the shore and find the merchant’s dead body on the beach.At the crime scene, officials tell mayor Dam-ryung that there are no clear indicators of how the man died, and rumors abound that the mermaid coming to land is the cause of this curse.Lord Yang gets the report that Dam-ryung brought the mermaid to the mayor’s residence, and his gisaeng companion Hong-ran (Joon-jae’s stepmother’s doppelganger in Joseon) is pleased to hear that she walked right into their hands.

Chung just interrupts to ask if his hand doesn’t hurt, and again he deflects, arguing that she should worry about herself first before anyone else, frustrated that she put herself in danger.

The men go down one by one, and Dam-ryung takes Se-hwa by the hand to run to safety.

More henchmen arrive to give chase, but Dam-ryung hides them in the field, still holding Se-hwa’s hand tightly in his.

Our hero turns into a hilarious bundle of contradictions today, as the romance progresses to the denial phase and he starts doing the very things he once called idiotic.

Luckily for us, he doesn’t seem to have the self-awareness to know why he’s doing any of this, which means that hopefully his antics will just go on and on and on. Mermaid Se-hwa has come to land, and in no time Lord Yang sends henchmen to attack and capture her.

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