Antique elgin pocket watch dating

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You will have a “sell” value and also an insurance value.

The sale value is simply what the market is willing to pay for it.

During World War II, Elgin shut down regular production and signed another military contract.

Their production facilities were temporarily busy making military watches, speedometers, altimeters, and chronometers.

Here is a good article on how to evaluate a watch generally.

Just remember that there are two distinctive value types when you are assessing your antique watch.

This can be a difficult one to ascertain and usually Insurance companies will want to see an independent evaluation.More affordable models soon followed, each named for different directors or investors in the company. In the 1880s, Elgin moved into stem-winding mechanisms, a novelty compared to its key-wind mechanisms of the 1860s and ’70s. Army, Elgin trained employees to make quick, precise watch repairs in the field.This new feature, along with affordable interchangeable movements, helped Elgin give Waltham a run for its money in the mid-range market. In an experimental move, in 1909, it even built an observatory at the main plant to set its watches by celestial movement. After the war, wristwatches became the norm, but some consumers still wanted famous pocket watch lines like Elgin’s Father Time, which was popular during both World Wars; the Veritas, made with as many as 23 jewels; and the Lord Elgin, a high-end model produced through the ’50s and featuring gold backplates and 21-jewel movements.Places like e Bay are good to check as you can see what other people with Elgin watches are pricing their products at.Be aware though that typically these are over priced and usually sell for much less.

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