Against dating interracial

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If there is so many interracial relationships and marriages in recent generations, it must somewhat mean that the ones who don't agree either don't have very good reasoning for being against it, or don't have better things to do in life then to be judgmental towards the families and couples that are happy.

This would mean that most of the people you associate yourself with, have been with someone of a different racial group.Who is going to stop these people from getting married? In today's day and age, the number of people who do not have any problems with two different races being together is much to high to stop anyone from doing what they want to do.What can the people who are against interracial marriage do? In the eyes of most, you love and care for who you love and care for.At the same time, this is a hard decision when you feel that you are ready to get married, because marriage is forever.My point in this negative topic, is that there could be people in your family that do not agree with the person you are with, but at the same time, they are family and their job as a family member is to support you and be there for you.

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