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‘It is not foreseeable that the British government will change its mind,’ he said. China crackdown on lawyers New York Times, 08 July 2016A year on from the Chinese government’s largest-ever crackdown against human rights lawyers and activists, Dr Eva Pils, Law, comments.‘There is a new assertiveness in the Xi era with the claims that we're running the legal system our way,’ she said.The French President has made clear that it will be tough for Britain to get the deal it wants once negotiations begin over Brexit.Professor Takis Tridimas, European Law, said: ‘Article 50 does not state that the notification is not revocable. The website`s interface has become much more convenient and user-friendly. It now has a brand new layout with dozens of interesting and useful features.

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Professor Ben Bowling, Law, said: ‘[There is] a sense that those deaths have not received the degree of attention which is required.’ ()Katherine Grainger is Team GB's most decorated female Olympian of all time Law School alumna Katherine Grainger has won a silver medal in the women’s rowing at the Rio Olympics.

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This was reported by Sky, Since entering Downing Street as Britain's new prime minister last week, Theresa May has tried to dispel hopes that the UK might change its decision about leaving the European Union.

Professor Keith Ewing, Law, commented that there is no provision for revoking Article 50.

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