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Yes; you need to register purple-url-handler in your browser.This requires that Pidgin be built with dbus support, otherwise purple-url-handler will not be installed. Keep in mind that you must establish a Direct IM session before you're able to insert a picture into the conversation. For example, if the phone number is (919) 555-1234, you would message 19195551234 We think this should work for countries with a country code of 1 (the United States and Canada). You should be able to add phone numbers to your buddy list using the same format as explained in the previous question. Information in this section is in addition to the AIM section above.At this time it is currently possible to configure only one encoding for an ICQ account. IRC has no comprehension of character sets or encodings. The resource field specifies the XMPP resource you are using. Pidgin (more specifically, libpurple) does not currently support user-configurable priorities. If you are unable to fix the DNS settings, as a workaround you can specify Google's help page, for more information. The SSL/TLS implementation used by Oracle's XMPP server does not support TLS 1.0 or newer, and immediately aborts the negotiation if the Client Hello record version is newer than SSL 3.0.Some details about this should be collected on the ICQEncoding Progress page. After you have signed on, you can use Buddies-the Purple Plugin Pack. It simply sends (almost) any random chunk of data a user enters. If this is not the case, you will need to edit your account (Accounts-Edit Account) and change the Encoding setting on the Advanced tab. The use of unique resources allows you to connect to your XMPP server from multiple locations simultaneously. Find your XMPP account and uncheck the Enabled box. We have a non-configurable priority list that is used: to connect to your account. This causes issues when Pidgin is built with Gnu TLS SSL support, as Gnu TLS defaults to negotiating TLS 1.0.It simply sends (almost) any random chunk of data a user enters. If this is not the case, you will need to edit your account (Accounts-Edit Account) and change the Encoding setting on the Advanced tab. Linode's DNS manager: Entering your username for "Username", your Google Apps hosted domain name in the "Domain" field, and your password in the "Password" field should be all that is necessary.You will need to enter the correct encoding for your buddies' messages there. For example, in the ID in the example) in the Domain field. If this doesn't work, it is likely because your domain doesn't have the appropriate DNS SRV records set up or your local DNS doesn't handle SRV records (see this FAQ for more information). Anyway, using Google Talk with a non-Google e-mail address (that is, an e-mail account that doesn't live on a Google Mail server) is not a good idea because these accounts appear to other users as @talk.rather than using something that someone could remember. Your username is the email address that you use to log in with, however you need to replace the @ with . You don't need to change anything on the Advanced tab.Yahoo Messenger is a desktop computer application that allows you to chat with friends online through a free text messaging network.Each user has a unique Yahoo Messenger identification, referred to as a chat ID, that is linked to their Yahoo profile.

Note that you can only invite people to a conversation that is already a chat--you can't "promote" a one-on-one conversation to a chat. For buddies reported as already blocked who are not in fact blocked, unblock them (in Tools-Privacy) and block them again. Your firewall or NAT is not allowing YMSG packets (packets for the Yahoo! You can try changing the port Pidgin attempts to connect to. account, uncheck the Enabled box, then select the account and click Modify.

Alternatively, see the next question for a way to do authentication with buddy pounces. In this case, each encoding is tried in succession until a successful decode happens or all encodings listed are exhausted. In the debug log, you will see If that command returns no results, then you will need to reconfigure the router to not act as the DNS server for the client computers. Right-click the buddy on the buddy list and select Cancel Presence Notification.

NB: This plugin does also work with Q on Quake Net, not just with IRC networks that use Nick Serv. Use this dialog to add the chat to your buddy list. Typically, this setting is labeled something along the lines of "Use Router as DNS Server" (this should be disabled) in the router's configuration. Note that the buddy will have to request authorization again to be able to see your presence.

Once the chat appears in your list, right-click on it and select Auto-Join. If you are using Open WRT, you can fix this by editing /etc/and comment the following line by adding a # in front of it: _xmpp-server._tcp. If you select "Unsubscribe" from the menu presented when right-clicking an XMPP buddy, you will no longer see that buddy's presence.

The channel will auto-join whenever you sign onto your IRC account. You will need to re-request authorization to resume seeing the buddy's presence.

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