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Click below to purchase a Nest Cam like we use through The Mick Molloy Show was a television program that appeared on the Nine Network in Australia for just eight weeks during 1999.The host, Mick Molloy, was a widely acclaimed comedian from The Late Show and Martin/Molloy.

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This sketch contains the infamous scene of an alcohol-affected Mick urinating on the set, with his back to camera.

" and was generally a more vulgar version of Mick, often yelling obscenities at people.

Mini-Mick appeared in all eight episodes of The Mick Molloy Show.

In 2005, Molloy was quoted in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald in saying: "It must be perceived as a failure but I still look on it as one of the most informative periods," he says.

"I'm still very proud of it and, in a perverse way, I enjoyed it.

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