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The legislation, which comes before a Senate hearing Monday and has already been dubbed the “Granny Cam Bill,” would prohibit nursing homes from retaliating against residents who choose to use electronic monitoring equipment.

It comes on the heels of several well-publicized cases in which hidden-camera footage was used to corroborate reports of abuse and neglect at Twin Cities-area nursing homes, some of which have led to criminal charges.

“The issue of privacy needs to be addressed.” Hennen said she is planning to convene a meeting soon to discuss the issue and the underlying care problems.

The volume of maltreatment complaints at Minnesota nursing homes has more than doubled since 2012, state records show.

Last year, a woman who spotted cuts and bruising on her father installed hidden cameras at a large nursing home, St. The footage showed two caregivers repeatedly punching her father in the face and stomach; it led to criminal charges against the two.

Cheryl Hennen, the state ombudsman for long-term care, said families and regulators must balance fear of patient abuse against invasion of privacy.

“The government has no business interfering with my right” to use a hidden camera, Haugland said.

“This looks like more protection for the nursing homes, so they know they’re being watched.” Allegations of abuse in senior homes are notoriously difficult to prove, and hidden cameras are considered one of the few ways that families can corroborate claims by elderly relatives.

“It’s traumatic to put a loved one in a facility, and you’re paying a ton of money for the care, and now you’re expected to notify the facility when you use a camera? Suzie Haugland, of Edina, also objects to the proposed reporting requirements.* Change the view by hitting the 'Control Now' button on the bottom right of the picture.* Once the button turns green and says "in control", click "Select preset" right beside it (grey box).* That will provide you with 6 different views of Telluride. that means someone else is controlling and your in queue to be next. Stay a while and check out the links below and see all that Telluride has to offer and how easy it is to plan and book your trip!Also, you can't lose by getting on our mailing list so we can occasionally send you awesome lodging specials and updates on upcoming festivals, concerts and events that you won't want to miss.In a case last month, footage showed an aide at a Hopkins residence striking an elderly patient on the head with an elbow and a hair brush.Months earlier, an employee at a New Hope nursing home was caught on tape throwing a towel at the face of a bedridden dementia patient; the camera also caught staff talking on cellphones when they were supposed to be caring for patients, according to police reports.

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