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Within seconds he placed the other clamp on, so now both nipples were clamped. As I stay on the chaise with my ass up in the air, Mr. Reid then took a large dollop of lube and smeared it all over his shaft. Reid swiftly grabs the water bottle and gently inserts the nozzle into my rectum. Reid places the water bottle back on the table, and he says, "Now, let's see how long you can hold this load. Reid takes his finger and starts finger fucking my ass. Within seconds, he was working his cock inside my ass. Interests Bareback, Anal, Oral, NS, Natursekt, Pisse,piss, Toilettensex, Toiletsex, Scat, Brown fun, Sperm, Cum, Sperma, Klister, Enema, Everything pervert... Whore, Hooker, Bitch, Slut, Hure, Stute, Sau, Nutte, Outdoor, Strassenstrich, Pute, Salope, Chienne, Gummifrei, Ohne kondom, No condom, Kondomlos, Unprotected sex Description MORE THAN 3000 FANS HERE AND NOTHINGS COMES... BORED TO SLEEP ALONE AND LOOKING PORN AND MASTURBATE...! Reid often likes to fuck me while I sit on the toilet. I've spent the last few hours exercising at the gym, and I picked up some items from the store.I made sure I placed the nipple pinchers with the other toys in the bathroom. I immediately step outside the bathroom, and I see his beefy and strong body. He is just finishing wiping his hands with an alcohol pad. While I was on my knees, he said, "Suck my big cock, whore. I made my way to the toilet, and as soon as I sat down, water gushed out of my ass like a faucet. In the end 55 per cent of people in Scotland agreed, leaving Salmond to slink back to Edinburgh in the early hours of September 19 to admit defeat, announce he was quitting as First Minister and ride off into the sunset.But it took less than four weeks after handing over the reins of the party to Nicola Sturgeon before he announced he will stand as an MP in 2015, raising the prospect of him becoming Deputy Prime Minister in a power-sharing deal with Labour.

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I knew my next client had booked my services for 90 minutes; he wanted a kinky time. My tits are round, raised, and ready for him to suck. Reid is an older man, and he likes to order me around. He started at the top of my snatch, by my clit, and I then slid my body down, so my whole twat was out of the toilet, and in his face. He pushed his hot, fat tongue inside my ass, and then he pulled out his tongue and started licking my butthole. I loved the feeling of double penetration, and his tongue felt moist and strong in my anus. I sprayed the toilet with disinfectant before I lowered the lid and flushed.

He immediately takes his hand and reaches down towards my twat, he places his whole hand under my skirt, and he feels my bare pussy. Reid then asks, "Have you fucked a lot of cocks today? "muh, yeah, muh"..all the sound I could manage as I sucked every thrust he gave with force and accuracy. I like to hurt you good." I whimpered, and said, "Yes, I like being your servant. Reid then took his strong arms and turned me around on the chaise lounge nestled along the bathroom wall. He noticed the water bottle on the sink, and he said, "Get your ass ready." My ass was up in the air, and I leaned forward on my elbows. Reid said, "Take the pain, it's going to turn me on while I fuck your ass. He notices and takes my body and bends me over the sink. I couldn't blame him, I enjoyed the feeling of fullness. The deeper he went inside my ass, the tighter I clinched my ass cheeks; I wanted to hold as much water as I could. I tried desperately to hold my ass cheeks tight as he fucked me hard.

Hurt me good, master." My nipples felt on fire, but it felt like painful ecstasy. He reached around with his hand and started caressing my nipple. It hurts, Master." It felt good, but I could feel the pain. I need to give you a wash first." I knew exactly what he meant, he wants to fill my ass with water before he slides into me. I stand in front of him squeezing my sphincter tight. As I'm bent over the sink, he says, "Remember to hold your ass tight." Mr. He rocked his cock back and forth inside of my ass, and his other hand fondled my clit.

I also already knew he paid to put an enema in my ass; this client, Mr. I'm wearing a really short skirt and a long blonde wig, per his request. He talks dirty and demeaning, but I get paid extra to hear it; and he likes when I play the submissive. Reid released his liquid into my rectum, and he left his cock in my ass for a few minutes. As I leaned back on the toilet, he munched my pussy with intensity. He slurped, he nibbled, and he finger fucked my pussy hole. He then started power thrusting his tongue in my ass, over and over...again and again..tongue fucked my glory hole. Reid then slid he thumb inside my pussy; I couldn't help it, I fucked his face and thumb hard. As I rocked my ass back and forth, I started to feel an orgasm.

Reid, loves to fuck my ass after he inserts an enema into my rectum. Reid pays for this type of anal pleasure once a month. I've eaten fruit, yogurt, and soybeans for the last 36 hours. I kind of get off on it too; I like listening to his dirty talk. He then pulled out his cock and told me to dump my load in the toilet; he wanted to watch. He grabbed the water bottle and squeezed more water into my ass. After several minutes of licking my pussy and playing with my ass, he climbed on top of me and fucked my pussy. I rocked my snatch up and down on his thumb while I pushed my ass towards his face. He immediately started rubbing my clit with his hand, while his thumb was still in my twat.

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