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Husband comes home to picture-perfect house, life and beaming wife as if the indiscretion never happened.This is the scene set before us with Sam Smith's "I'm Not The Only One," a track that pairs devastating despair with the uplifting vocals that run rampant through Smith's's Dianna Agron as our slighted, delirious damsel—is just as depressingly gorgeous as the song that inspired it.Agron is a stunner here, and Monaghan succeeds in condensing a romantic melodrama worthy of the big screen into just a few perfect moments.

They've failed to see eye-to-eye during their time in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

It never works if you’re dating an insecure partner who feels threatened whenever you’re around someone your partner perceives as more attractive.

If your partner has low self esteem, they would definitely hate you if you flirt with another person or if they even hear that you flirted with another person. Before we even get to chatting about whether flirting is cheating, let’s get to why flirting feels so good. #1 It helps keep your sexuality alive and makes you feel better about your own attractiveness.

Or a better way to put the same question is, do you enjoy having a happy conversation with an attractive friend or coworker?

Most people press the panic button when it comes to flirting. It’s a conversation where you attract the other person using your charm and your conversational skills.

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