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Eyes brimming with jealousy, I watched the happy couples meandering hand in hand, envious of their appearance of normalcy.

Normal is not a word one would use to describe my family. Read On Added: | Category: Exhibitionism | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 5,461 | Tags: circus carnie kissing fingering fucking oral | 20 Comments It was a cool, overcast evening.

I’d just stepped out of a hot shower, the water from my hair dripping down my back and my breasts.

I walked over to the bed that sat against the large brick wall.

John at first had been so excited about hearing about Paula's adventure with Robert that he couldn't resist her.

He found himself suddenly pulling her out of the...

I grasped a bottle of vanilla scented lotion and sat on the...

Read On Added: | Category: Love Stories | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,336 | Tags: erotic love story | 2 Comments Sentimental musings of romantic memories shared between two lost souls.

Read On Added: | Category: Lesbian | Avg Score: 4.94 | Words: 4,439 | Tags: lesbian romance passion stranger erotic older younger | 14 Comments Meet Baby Girl and her Mister For the uninitiated: Babygirl is 30 from the USA and Mister is 49 from England.Call it fate or destiny, something, or someone, brought our two lost souls together.I never stopped there before, and still, I don't know why, or what made me do so.Read On Added: | Category: Flash Erotica | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 839 | Tags: exhibitionism oral | 1 Comment I had always wanted to just say, "Fuck it!"; to pack a small bag, leave, and walk aimlessly down the side of the road in the hot sun, its powerful rays beating mercilessly against my back, or alternatively in the torrential, pouring rain in the darkest depth of night, with not a care in the world or fear in my heart.

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