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Not a didactic one, mind you, but a Rick Steves one.In short, Steves wants Americans to get over themselves. “Everybody should travel before they vote,” he has written.

I go out there and learn what it’s like and come home and tell people truth to their face. But it’s healthy and good for our country to have a better appreciation of what motivates other people. I’m just trying to say, Hey, look, we’re 4 percent of this planet, we’ve spent as much as everybody else together on the military, and we’ve got military bases in 130 countries.

You can’t stay in any of the great boutique hotels in Paris, London or Rome anymore because they are booked by Americans who have studied Steves’ guidebooks like Sanskrit scholars.

Nor can you find solitude in cafes in pastoral Austria or Switzerland because they are peopled with Steves’ tours.

I recently caught up with Steves while he was killing time in the Tulsa, Okla., airport, where he had just given a talk about Iran, and was heading home to Washington state. shouldn’t negotiate with Iran, and call Obama weak for even appearing agreeable toward the country.

In conversation, he was as ebullient as ever, fearlessly spelling out his views on globalization and terrorism, the scourges of tourism and the importance of decriminalizing marijuana. What can your Iran show say to American hard-liners?

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