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Feminism has nothing to do with opening doors, thanking a woman for a nice time etc.

Of course women can pursue, send a first text/call, but just the inconsiderate lack of thoughtfulness and anticipation implied in a man not knowing to do that (based on said trillion dollar industry, crushing amounts of societal messaging) tells you everything you need to know about this dude. He didn't care that he knew all her annoying girlfriends would be saying ' So did you hear from him?

“Are extremely to-the-point exchanges always the case for every millennial? But for many on Tinder or the other swiping apps out there, what might have once been a lengthy back-and-forth romantic interaction can be pretty much boiled down to ” Dick Talens, a 29-year-old New York entrepreneur, usually juggles several girls at once on OKCupid, Tinder and, of course, by good old-fashioned text message.

The entrepreneur and cat owner can close a conversational exchange to plan sex in 10 messages or less. author Christopher Ryan defines this “unlimited access to sex partners” as rivaling the actual obesity epidemic that normally gets so much play in the media.

If you have sex with a guy for the first time then he doesn't call/text in 3 days, is he a jerk? He wrote: "Can't offer an informed opinion cos I've been out of the ballgame for 30 years, but I *do* have a question. Is there STILL some sort of 'unwritten code' that the male has to initiate contact?

Couldn't SHE text HIM with a simple, non-stalkerish ' Well that was fun, maybe we can do it again' sort of message?

And the numbers are almost always working in their favor. Belisa Vranich who also notes society’s increasing acceptance of our Tinderized culture.

Statistic Brain showed 59% of adults ages 20 to 26 have sent a sext, and 64% have received one. Just how asked hundreds of men and women by email, Tinder and Facebook to share their own examples of pithy wooing sessions.

Screenshotted examples throughout this piece are captured from Tinder, Grindr or text message.

“The appetite has always been there, but it had restricted availability; with new technologies the restrictions are being stripped away and we see people sort of going crazy with it,” he told .

“I think the same thing is happening with this unlimited access to sex partners.

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