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No significant effects were found for men’s intelligence.

Gangestad has found similar patterns for stereotypically male behavior traits.

The study, in press at , produced results consistent with previous research: Women paired with feminine-faced men were more attracted to men other than their partners, relative to their partners, when ovulating.

The same effect was found for women with facially unattractive men, though not when the researchers controlled for men’s facial masculinity or femininity.

Although women aren’t showing off swellings, yowling or spraying, studies suggest they may dress more provocatively, flirt more, and possibly become more sexually excitable, for roughly six days mid-cycle, before and after ovulation.

They even show minuscule shifts in voice pitch, scent and skin tone, some studies suggest.

The male of the species generally doesn’t broadcast his constant readiness for sex, and during her window of fertility at ovulation, the female doesn’t display any outward signs.

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One psychologist investigating how ovulation affects women’s preferences in men is Steve Gangestad, Ph D, distinguished professor of psychology at the University of New Mexico.When with her delights he was fully sated, he turned his gaze to his herd.The gazelles saw Enkidu, they started to run, the beasts of the field shied away from his presence.But according to a steady stream of new studies by evolutionary and biological psychologists, that may not be the case.This research indicates that the hormonal changes of a woman’s monthly cycle may be more powerful than we’ve ever conceived — compelling women to advertise when they’re ovulating, and men to notice.

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