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But one thing the management of Insomnia do well is to hire girls who actually enjoy sex to some degree.

This is a Swingers club that has some hired in Women on Tuesday night, Thursday Gangbang, some Sat nights, and Sunday nights.

I am in the process of putting together a similar place for men.

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Some do have other jobs, some are unemployed or single mums, and do this a few days a month for some extra cash.

International sex affairs is a sex party unlike Thursdays Gang Bang. Was there last night, it was a sausage fest, but I had a good time with the house girls, there're eight or 10 couples there but they stuck to themselves, Teresa was not there, Alice the squirter was there which, she proudly proclaimed, she can be a lot of fun, anyways not sure if I'm going there for New Year's only 23.

Salma de Nora and her 'Spanish' friends are doing a Saturday party at Insomnia.

Because I feel that Sex Addiction knows no gender or orientation boundaries, I would like to welcome stories and comments from men who are involved with Sex Addicts.

This disease touches everyone, gays, straights, men and women, and each and every one of us who has known that trauma and pain deserves to be heard.

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