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Today it’s not necessary, and yet, it’s the path that most software interfaces seem to continue to follow.

We don’t need to make an e Book look like a book for people to understand how to use it.

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This post is a summary of a talk the Windows Phone Design Team has given a couple times recently.

This article was originally posted on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

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To help us think about what the future of our experience is, we need to understand where we’ve come from.Before Metro, the UI of Windows Mobile 6.5 looked like most other software interfaces. If we trace the history of modern User Interface, it all begins with Vannevar Bush’s Memex machine.How is it that most UI’s use the exact same metaphors and basically look the same? In a 1945 letter to the editor in The Atlantic Monthly, Bush described a machine built in to a desk, that would allow its owner to store, annotate, and link documents and media.The UI introduced windows, icons, menus, file management, and tool palettes.Looking back at the first screenshots of this first GUI, the designs feel familiar even now.

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