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A bad bj (or hand job) is an overly dry, rough/ overeager one, or one where a woman scrapes the penis with her teeth none too gently.Another way to kill a good bj is by stopping or slowing down just as a man is about to orgasm- this can go either way, actually.

I would figure most guys would just love the fact of getting their dick sucked, I know I love mine getting sucked by my girlfriend.Bringing food like chocolate syrup and whipped cream also adds some fun and excitement to it too. as one of my messages previous stated a GUY told me that men can have an orgams off a bad blow job, so that's why i created this forum to ask MEN what do they feel is a bad blow job.there's no such thing as a bad blow job is not true.Overall out of the above I would go with ex girlfriend 1 as being the best, she kept things exciting it's not necessarily she was the better technique wise just that she was the more fun in how she went about it.You also mentioned about deepthroating, I have never been deepthroated before so I couldn't comment but it is definitely a huge turn on to watch in porn!

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