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The idea that smaller towns with less global attention may consider technology privacy a lower priority is supported by an understanding of where security cameras are in use in the U. Almost 27% of unsecured cameras broadcast from businesses or places where transactions occur, like offices, restaurants, and stores.

At the same time, more than 42% of open security cameras are broadcasting from public spaces or shared facilities like parks, outdoor areas, and parking lots.

These open security cameras are unprotected from malicious individuals and vulnerable to prying eyes. As we go about our daily business, we may in effect be broadcasting our lives to the public.

To better understand this epidemic, we analyzed approximately 6,000 open security cameras across the United States broadcasting from homes, businesses, educational institutions, parking lots, churches, and more.

Open security cameras in homes is a terrifying thing, particularly considering they might be hidden in baby monitors, webcams, or high-tech recording gadgets.

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Drawing attention to open security cameras in your hometown or even your place of work is just one way to help keep American cities that much safer.For more than 25 years, Slave Lake Dental has been providing care for the entire family in Slave Lake, Alberta.Our professional dentistry paired with our remarkable patient care is a winning combination.Many experts would probably attribute that number to new connected devices and the technology networks that have been dubbed the Internet of Things.As the technology we use to keep our families safe and make our lives easier develops, it seems that security protocols haven’t necessarily kept up.

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