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He reasoned that if the social or rearing factor theories were correct, he would expect to see certain things.

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I try to take everyday's values and lessons to get through the next. I believe in equality however I know my place as a woman and respect your place as a man.

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This was because the majority of believers in Yeshua were now members of Gentile Christianity.

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I'm entertaining, and the kind of person who consider using any means for individuals she cares for.

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Though Princess Diana’s August 1997 death forever linked her to a flashy playboy named Dodi Al Fayed, that fatal Paris tryst may have been intended as a message to the man she’d just broken up with—Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan—the only one who would never use or betray her. Right, Princess Diana at a charity event in London in December 1995, a few months after first meeting Khan, in a waiting room at the Royal Brompton Hospital, where she was visiting a friend’s husband., Left, by Mark Stewart/Camera Press/Redux; right, By Tim Rooke/Rex Usa.

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