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Web-based self-help interventions supplemented by brief chat counseling are an effective alternative to face-to-face treatment and can reach a group of cannabis users who differ in their use and sociodemographic characteristics from those who enter outpatient addiction treatment.

Participants in the self-help with chat study arm completed a mean of 3.2 modules and 27 out of 114 (23.7%) of the participants received at least one chat session.

Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction (ISGF)associated to the University of Zurich and World Health Organization Collaborating Center Konradstrasse 32Zurich, 8031Switzerland Phone: 41 444481165Fax:41 444481170Email: After alcohol and tobacco, cannabis is the most widely used psychoactive substance in many countries worldwide.

Although approximately one in ten users develops serious problems of dependency, only a minority attend outpatient addiction counseling centers.

Keep in mind that although the abbreviations and acronyms appear in all capital letters on this list, they can be written using lowercase letters, too.

Inclusive classrooms are classrooms in which instructors and students work together to create and sustain an environment in which everyone feels safe, supported, and encouraged to express her or his views and concerns.

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