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Another story: I and a wing I had just met earlier in the night picked up two girl friends from one of the above venues.At 6am, after the after party, we're driving home (all wasted, of course) in my girl's fancy car when my wing decides to bail.

It's not a club per se, but rather an "entertainment complex", meaning combined nightclub, brothel and drug den packed with all sorts of interesting, sketchy characters. If you're there alone the mamasans will push their working girls on you - quite attractive but all heavily loaded up on ecstasy and/or happy-5.Most people don't even have Indonesia anywhere in their mental space; it's going to be Thailand 99% of the time.I think I might make this a next SEA destination esp. At first, when rolling dolo, I'd pregame at Memories and chat up the expats and other randoms to get in a social mood. A few too many annoying gays and pros later on, though. Funny story: I was struggling to find a decent, easily accessible place to do laundry so I decided to try out Jalan Jaksa.I've never been so relieved in my life to pick up laundry.Jalan Jaksa, due to the lowest accommodation prices in the city center, is becoming increasing popular with people coming in from the Jakarta suburbs to stay for a night or two over the weekend, as driving home after a night out could literally take them hours.

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