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"If they didn't watch their p's and q's, they were going to get into trouble — with their reputation, a broken heart or any of the other possible complications." She's held her own in a male-dominated industry, but celebrates the distinction between the sexes.

"We try to do too many things that used to be in the men's domain, and we try to do them like men," she says.

"Raquel was always prepared and ready to rock, ready to improvise," he says.

"We knew the show was something special for us." Welch had the moral compass to avoid many of the pitfalls of being a young gorgeous superstar.

At one point, Welch attempted to retire her sex-bomb image and be taken more seriously.

Hoops the size of bracelets dangle from her ears and twinkle with diamond chips.

"I'm the antidote to Lindsay Lohan," she says, laughing.

"I know she misbehaves terribly, but sometimes it just seems like it's open season on her." When Welch was growing up, "women and young girls got the sense that they had to be in charge of what went on between them and men and society," she says.

"I'm a prude — I guess you can tell that — but I think, 'Why would you do that?

'" Welch cautions against the prevailing trend of narcissism.

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