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Christy Chung (born 19 September 1970) is a Chinese-Canadian actress and restaurateur.She is best known for starring in films Mermaid Got Married, The Bodyguard from Beijing, Love on Delivery and Jan Dara.Malay is very easy to pronounce: it has one of the most phonetic writing systems in the world, with only a small number of simple consonants and relatively few vowel sounds.One peculiarity of the spelling is the lack for a separate sign to denote the schwa.If the subject does not include your listener(s), then the correct word would be kami.Malay can be written using two scripts; the Roman alphabet, known as Rumi as well as an Arabic-derived script known as Jawi.She recently starred in Bruce Lee, My Brother playing the role of Bruce Lee's mother and Aarif Lee portrayed Lee.She is a brand ambassador and spokeswoman to slimming service Marie France Bodyline, prominently appearing on billboards and print ads.

Singapore FHM magazine voted her the "Sexiest Woman in Asia" in 2000.Error messages may appear if you use another browser.Web-based IM applications are not compatible with our system.Despite her success, she remains mostly unknown in Quebec, where she was born and grew up, because she has done most of her film work in Cantonese.Chung married Glen Ross in 1998, and gave birth to their daughter Yasmine in Montreal in the middle of the 1998 Ice Storm.

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