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Earlier this year, Thakor, who ultimately aims for a career in academia, taught her first anthropology and gender studies class, called “Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery.” For 19 MIT undergraduates, she built a curriculum around some of the very tensions in her research: Rather than only requiring reading from experts in the field, she also asked students to read prose and poetry from non-experts, and to look at art that engaged the topics of sex work, trafficking, and policing in the digital age.

The emphasis on balancing the views of experts and non-experts in her field harkens back to some of Thakor’s earliest interests as a child.

Thakor also ran into this question while working at Microsoft Research’s Human Trafficking Project in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

There, she explored the use of social networks in catching sex trafficking — another highly technical approach not initially driven by law enforcement.

The more lifelike an avatar is, the closer this method is to a traditional sting operation, and is that really legal? In the case of Sweetie, dispatching the avatar was controversial not only because it was so lifelike, but also because it came from a nongovernmental organization.

“Research drives policy, and policy, usually, drives change,” Thakor says.

The study found that three types of movement were considered high-quality dancing: greater hip swing, asymmetrical movement of the thighs and asymmetrical movement of the arms.

So what makes these moves in particular the most attractive?

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