100 free live cam without adobe flash

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If you want to use either of the first 2 alternatives given above, the problem you'll hit is that it's less likely that users will have already installed the plugin.

Java is a safer bet than Silverlight overall though, at least(especially for non-Windows users), but it's less likely to be readily installed when the user visits your web-app. it would require users to not only visit your site, but to also install a browser extension with extended permissions to access native APIs.

So they not only need to install something, it needs to be tailored for the right browser. I'm not saying these are great options, I'm just saying it can definitely be done.

These components disappeared with the release of Flash CS4 and Flash Media Server 3.5.here is the adobe version: and another one here: they claim to work with Red5. It is possible with the first one videosoftware.pro/svc/ Of course you can.You can by using any plugin technology that will allow you to implement a secure plugin or browser extension that will be able break out of the security sandbox of the user's browser and to use APIs to interact with attached devices, like accessing the video streams of a webcam.Inevitably, though, the question is asked: Can I stream this live?Depending on the audience, this is a rather awkward question to answer.

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