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These are the hobbies of a rich young man, but entering Zayn’s backyard stirs up an eerie feeling of boyhood bumping up against something darker.

Boxed on his porch is a high-powered Predator Carbon Lite crossbow.

So far, Zayn’s has been a story about how your life gets boxed in by other people’s perceptions of you, and how easily that can spiral out of control.

This happens to everyone, but in a famous boy band, the gulf between who you are and who the rest of the world thinks you are is tenfold.

One Direction, a name Harry suggested, performed for the first time in an episode filmed at show producer and talent judge Simon Cowell’s palatial home in Spain, where they covered Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn”: Illusion never changed/ Into something real/ I’m wide awake and I can see/ The perfect sky is torn. When the group placed third on the show, Zayn winked into the camera and told the audience, “This isn’t the last of One Direction,” and, within the month, it was announced they’d signed a .1 million contract with Cowell’s label, Syco. In between albums, they toured the globe relentlessly, in 2014 pulling in 0 million in ticket sales alone.

One Direction released a platinum-selling album every November from 2011 to 2014. A decade after *NSYNC broke up, One Direction invigorated the boy band model by injecting every calculated thing they did with a dose of genuine-seeming anarchy.

He has a Pakistani father named Yaser and an English mother named Tricia who converted to Islam to marry.He has stepped into this photoshoot straight after emerging from inside the house and distributing handshakes among a 12-person crew amassed around him.It reminds me of a scene from the 2013 documentary One Direction: This Is Us, where Zayn is awoken in the middle of the night because it’s his turn to hop in a booth and record. Zayn has been famous for a quarter of his short life, but the rest of the time was pretty modest.“The neighborhoods I came from were not like this.” He was born in a working-class neighborhood in Bradford, a city in northern England, and the influence on his accent is unmistakable: words turn sporadically melodic as every U and A is pronounced like an O.“The whole vibe of Bradford is influential,” he says.

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